Reflection blog 1 – What box?


I found it fairly unsettling to start these blog posts. Particularly after realizing that we are publishing something that stays out there  and people will (possibly) read it. Reading the Reflective Writing (Watton, Collings, & Moon, 2001) had helped me to understand better what we are expected to do and how we can benefit from a reflective practice. It is a practical guide for students explaining how to create reflective writing and why. After reading it I feel that I do have a little bit different lens, but I am not sure if I am on the right track. Also, the article is discussing personal reflection and we are to contemplate on our readings. I am not sure if there is any difference in the approach just yet! It reminded me of the concept of morning pages from The Artist´s Way by Julia Cameron (1992). Every morning just after you wake up you have to write few pages (I think it was three) of anything that comes into your mind. I found that practice very cleansing, although it took me ages and at the end I did not stick to it for very long. Highly recommend the book to anyone creative. Well… basically to anyone.

I found myself thinking about our readings for Management surprisingly a lot. Particularly “the guy in a crazy orange suit”. Howard Rheingold gives a TED talk on The New Power of Collaboration. I think that everyone in our class remembered him – the orange suit works perfectly!  What stroke me the most from his talk was the emphasis on collaboration nowadays, how companies prefer to share their secrets in order to progress. This really changed my mindset. I feel like I encounter a lot of cultural differences between  Ireland and Czech Republic, where I come from. The Czech mindset to me feels very competitive and people are used to be fairly jealous of each other. The doubt is omnipresent. (Think socialist Czechoslovakia and how ordinary people were giving out information about each other to the secret police: neighbors, even relatives or spouses could often not be trusted.)  I have to fight these tendencies and pick the best from both worlds.

I wonder how is collaborative approach implemented in businesses in Czech republic. I am  aware of some collaborations in the library world in there, but it feels like librarians are often quite progressive in implementing innovations. From what I know from my friends the “no one can be trusted” principle is still present even in my generation.  Hopefully younger entrepreneurs and the necessity to adapt to the global market will create an opportunity for innovative thinking.


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