Reflection blog 5 – Reflection on reflecting (and the talks, the module and all the fun we’ve had)

I need to confess. I was really, really did not wanted to do this module. In the early timetables it looked that this would be my only module on Thursday which would be four days of college instead of three. For someone commuting 3-4 hours a day battling fatigue that is an serious issue.  I had to decide whether I’ll try to find accommodation in Dublin or  commute four days and risk worsening of my health issues and potential inability to finish the course.

And than we were told the module is not core, but it is mandatory. I was devastated! Luckily for me some changes to the timetable were announced,which allowed me only to commute three days with two modules each day.

So, to put it lightly, me and Management for Information Professionals did not start with a bang and I was not prepared to like this module at all. Boy, was I wrong. I think Jane had  the whole class on board right after the first lecture and I understood that everything I thought about this module could not been further from truth.

File_000 (7)I would not dare to say I understand management now. But I do believe I have better understanding of it. I feel like now I know what I don’t know. I would compare it to someone learning how to use the computer. I understand it does not run by magic and that you do not need to be tech-genius to understand it. Valuable understanding for me was that you can learn management. I had always connected management with white middle aged males earning high wages telling people what to do. I felt like if you are not born for it, you can’t do it.


Surprisingly, I really enjoyed blogging and will probably continue to blog in the future either in this blog or other. I was very conscious about my English and I just didn’t know if I would have anything to say. I really enjoyed the process, it felt quite cleansing as well. I can see how when I had more time to write and prepare other content I was more satisfied with the outcome than when in pressure. Great, that this is implemented into the module, not to mention its also good our CVs.

cheryl-winn-boujnida-66169I believe the module is just really well thought through. Such a variety of speakers, allowed the class to imagine where and for whom they could be working. Each different types of libraries and environments were represented. I felt that, the module readings were contemporary and practical.
I have to say that the kept thinking the issues that the guest speakers had raised very often, and I am sure it will stay with me for some time. Later on in the course, some of the issues sort of fused into questions. Why is this and that not addressed by this institution? Person XY says this, but it is not brought into practice, how could this be done? And the most important: What can I do to change this?

I feel like my personal development in the course switched from being an amazed observer to a someone saying: well, maybe its me, who could do something about this. And so the adventure begins! Mug Adventure