Reflection blog 2 – Finance & strategy

File_000 (6)The topic of our fourth class was finance management. Honestly, everything even slightly resembling math is giving me high school anxiety. I felt like this topic is not for me. Or is it? I came back to education to fill the gaps in my knowledge (ideally) that I was experiencing in the workplace. When I was working as a cataloger for four years or later in Irish hospitality sector I had never come close to finance management and planning. Then I realized that finance management is exactly something that I should look into. I found Monica Crump’s presentation very in
interesting. It put a more human feel to the whole issue.  I think I got a good taste of what it involves to manage finance in a library setting thanks to the presentation and the readings. I found the Accounting for Libraries bit dry, but giving a simple, but very good overview of the key terms and procedures. I don’t think that I now understand financial management, but I feel that I had identified an area that I should explore more, to acquire deeper understanding of the processes and management of information institutions.

File_004 (1)Our sixth theme was strategic planning, which ties well with financial management. Katherine McSharry made her presentation extremely engaging and I really liked that. Something that really struck me was that National Library of Ireland isFile_003 (1) trying to build a sense of community in their users. I feel that many memory institutions had suffered a little bit of professional arrogance at times. From a perspective of someone interested in history of books and libraries this is completely understandable. We had centuries of censorship in different types and forms. Knowledge was deemed to be a privilege for a very long time. I think now all memory institutions understand, that to survive, they need to tell the users: “All what we have is here just for you!”. It is admirable to see this theme raised in a research library, and a national library nonetheless.