Bernard Black: The manager no one would want to work for


Bernard Black is a character from a British sitcom Black Books. Bernard is a owner of a secondhand bookshop. He runs a small business and has only one employee, Manny.

His hiring techniques are admirable. He is able to hire Manny completely drunk, in a pub, while talking to a stranger. To avoid filing tax return he gets himself beaten up. The financial management is overseen by Manny and Bernard has very little knowledge about the financial prospects of the business. Manny is paid in pocket money on an irregular basis. Surprisingly, he has very little interest in the success of the company. It looks like Bernard owns the shop solely for the sake of it. He is  possibly unemployable elsewhere.

Bernard lacks people skills. Even more, he hates people and people hate him. At one occasion he leaves the shop, and after ensuring that the grumpy Irishman is gone, people burst into the shop and buy nearly all the books. When major profit is made, Bernard gets upset that he now needs to reorder new books from the warehouse.

He exploits his only employee by insults, restricting him where he can go, what to do and who he can talk to. However, occasionally, it is shown, that Manny can take a break or they work together on a collaborative project (e.g. writing and illustration of a children book, later destroyed for the fear of becoming famous). Manny regularly threatens to leave the company, which does not seem to make any difference in the employer-employee relationship. Although Bernard’s management skills are hilarious to watch in a comedy series, he really is a boss no one would actually want to work for.

                                                                                                                                    Source: Youtube